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To Infinity and Beyond

Jane, Get Me Off This Crazy Thing! I give up. You have won, content gods. There's just too many shows that I would like to watch. They are piling up like my trash can, overflowing my queue, running down the street yelling at my neighbors, hanging out at the local bars even. Maybe this is the inevitability of digital media, that everything is available somewhere, and you just need to press play. Unfortunately for me, besides needing to sleep occasionally I also eat, poop, and work. These are the days of our lives. When I'm feeling overwhelmed by not keeping up with the few shows that I do wanna watch, I find myself thinking of a quirky Bob Odenkirk-produced sitcom that never quite got out of the starting blocks, The Birthday Boys. Bob himself made a decent number of appearances, and the stable of likable guys he had on the show are bound to find their way into the funny biz. The one skit that I find myself always sending as clips to friends is the 'Catching

The Red Carpet and an Angel With An Atom

What's Old Will Be New Again Quick and to the point, Westworld is ready to grab a few Emmys. Why not? The topic of artificial intelligence, bots, and machines gone awry is practically in our own news. I wouldn't be surprised if my phone got into a conversation with Alexa from Amazon Echo these days. So why do I think that Westworld is primed for an easy win? Anthony Hopkins, he's a bit of an award magnet. You're about to hand out an award, and it pretty much starts to drift his way in the same way a compass points due north. I'm just saying... ya know. Best of all, HBO can also lay claim to being able to raise the dead (is this a recurring them of mine?). The clip above is a bit of joke on the revival: which revival is it anyway? First there was Westworld (1973), Futureworld (1976) and then Beyond Westworld (1980). I propose the spin-off of the current remake to be called, Beyond Beyond Westworld. The reporter with the mic sums it up - you need

Beware bears, pizza and monsters

Pretender to the throne During Hurricane Irma, a sign language interpreter was faking his trade . Maybe he was just really horrible at signing or was actually terribly fearful of bears, pizza and monsters. We'd all cut him slack if he hadn't gone on television and spread a lot of balderdash to a lot of people who needed direction during the storm. Normally, I'm a huge fan of gibberish; I'd probably take piles of it and roll around on the bed in it if possible. However, hurricanes are usually serious business, and Aunt Irma wasn't just knocking on the door - she was pounding. If there was a king of pretending, it'd be Jim Halpert donning Dwight Schrute's clothes and mimicking his mannerisms. Supposedly costing him less than $10, he's got the shirt, hair, glasses and look perfect. You've gotta revel in his alliteration, busting out the B's of "Bears, beets and Battlestar Galatica". Such tomfoolery is something I aspire t

Alexa, Take two and call me in the morning

Punching below the belt The South Park boys have done it again. They've intentionally come out of your TV-watching device, sat on your family room carpet and dropped a giant deuce. Maybe we're all ok with that, maybe we're not. Regardless, I'm always happy when someone attempts to break the fourth wall in television in a clever way. By basing a whole episode on home voice-activated devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home, they knew they could probably get a bunch of people in the real world with weird stuff on their shopping lists. Here before us basks Lord Cartman in the eye of the home device hurricane. What a great look of glee he has on his face, surrounded by devices all speaking his desires aloud. Is he not a God in his own right? Who's to say that he is not demanding devotion, commanding attention, and laying down the law to his faithful subjects. Granted, they are all electronic agents, but still... It's days like this that make me believ

The Jolt Cola Zombie

All the sugar, twice the caffeine Another retro-drink brand rises from the grave. Software developers and couch surfers everywhere are rejoicing because their beverage of choice will be back on the shelves. You might ask, "Why?" and I would be forced to reply that sequels always get made because the man wants to make money and the man is not overflowing with good creative ideas. That brings us to Garth, who's got the perfect post-Jolt look on his face.  That hazy, sugar-induced fuzz-mind with a touch of stomach unease and jitteriness is some folks' optimal state of being.  I admit to enjoying the occasional Jolt myself, particularly as an alternative to coffee.  It's quite a bit tastier than the energy drinks these days. So party on, Garth, guzzle away.

Usul Has Called A Big One

New IPhone Launches Today Everyone has been talking about it for weeks, and today it finally was arriving. The 10 year anniversary of the iPhone gives us a second to reflect on how much the tech world has changed since the release of the mobile phone. So why the Dune clip? Well, it's like the emergence of a mythical creature that only surfaces every so often. Everyone wants to get there first to ride on the epic beast. The worms are the spice, the name is a killing word, and reporters and individuals everywhere are clamoring for their taste of that delicious attention nectar. It's no longer the car, stereo, the PC that is the ever-present status symbol, it's your phone. Bow down and pay your respects you dark souls, that shiny piece of tinfoil is close enough to fly down and try to grab in your beaks today. The phone is the spice; the spice is the phone.