Alexa, Take two and call me in the morning

Punching below the belt

The South Park boys have done it again. They've intentionally come out of your TV-watching device, sat on your family room carpet and dropped a giant deuce. Maybe we're all ok with that, maybe we're not. Regardless, I'm always happy when someone attempts to break the fourth wall in television in a clever way. By basing a whole episode on home voice-activated devices like Amazon Echo or Google Home, they knew they could probably get a bunch of people in the real world with weird stuff on their shopping lists.

Here before us basks Lord Cartman in the eye of the home device hurricane. What a great look of glee he has on his face, surrounded by devices all speaking his desires aloud. Is he not a God in his own right? Who's to say that he is not demanding devotion, commanding attention, and laying down the law to his faithful subjects. Granted, they are all electronic agents, but still... It's days like this that make me believe all the bad stuff that happens on the internet is worth it for a single well-crafted joke.

Bravo, Cartman, Bravo! Encore, Maestro!


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