The Jolt Cola Zombie

All the sugar, twice the caffeine

Another retro-drink brand rises from the grave. Software developers and couch surfers everywhere are rejoicing because their beverage of choice will be back on the shelves. You might ask, "Why?" and I would be forced to reply that sequels always get made because the man wants to make money and the man is not overflowing with good creative ideas.

That brings us to Garth, who's got the perfect post-Jolt look on his face.  That hazy, sugar-induced fuzz-mind with a touch of stomach unease and jitteriness is some folks' optimal state of being.  I admit to enjoying the occasional Jolt myself, particularly as an alternative to coffee.  It's quite a bit tastier than the energy drinks these days.

So party on, Garth, guzzle away.


  1. I love jolt! Where can I find it?



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