The Red Carpet and an Angel With An Atom

What's Old Will Be New Again

Quick and to the point, Westworld is ready to grab a few Emmys. Why not? The topic of artificial intelligence, bots, and machines gone awry is practically in our own news. I wouldn't be surprised if my phone got into a conversation with Alexa from Amazon Echo these days. So why do I think that Westworld is primed for an easy win? Anthony Hopkins, he's a bit of an award magnet. You're about to hand out an award, and it pretty much starts to drift his way in the same way a compass points due north. I'm just saying... ya know.

Best of all, HBO can also lay claim to being able to raise the dead (is this a recurring them of mine?). The clip above is a bit of joke on the revival: which revival is it anyway? First there was Westworld (1973), Futureworld (1976) and then Beyond Westworld (1980). I propose the spin-off of the current remake to be called, Beyond Beyond Westworld. The reporter with the mic sums it up - you need to be thrust into the spotlight for anyone really to care about who the hell you really are. It's fairly amazing that 44 years after the original, we are none the wiser. Well, maybe Stephen Colbert is, but the rest of us? Forever hold your peace, y'all.

And the Emmy goes to... ALF, our next President.


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