To Infinity and Beyond

Jane, Get Me Off This Crazy Thing!

I give up. You have won, content gods. There's just too many shows that I would like to watch. They are piling up like my trash can, overflowing my queue, running down the street yelling at my neighbors, hanging out at the local bars even. Maybe this is the inevitability of digital media, that everything is available somewhere, and you just need to press play. Unfortunately for me, besides needing to sleep occasionally I also eat, poop, and work. These are the days of our lives.

When I'm feeling overwhelmed by not keeping up with the few shows that I do wanna watch, I find myself thinking of a quirky Bob Odenkirk-produced sitcom that never quite got out of the starting blocks, The Birthday Boys. Bob himself made a decent number of appearances, and the stable of likable guys he had on the show are bound to find their way into the funny biz. The one skit that I find myself always sending as clips to friends is the 'Catching Up On Shows' episode where Tim Kalpakis' character ignores many temptations to catch up on his shows. Despite his non-stop watching he can't; it's impossible. And from the clip above, it's clear he is not the only one.

May your friends be many and your watching queue be short.


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