Usul Has Called A Big One

New IPhone Launches Today

Everyone has been talking about it for weeks, and today it finally was arriving. The 10 year anniversary of the iPhone gives us a second to reflect on how much the tech world has changed since the release of the mobile phone.

So why the Dune clip? Well, it's like the emergence of a mythical creature that only surfaces every so often. Everyone wants to get there first to ride on the epic beast. The worms are the spice, the name is a killing word, and reporters and individuals everywhere are clamoring for their taste of that delicious attention nectar. It's no longer the car, stereo, the PC that is the ever-present status symbol, it's your phone. Bow down and pay your respects you dark souls, that shiny piece of tinfoil is close enough to fly down and try to grab in your beaks today.

The phone is the spice; the spice is the phone.




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