When EF Hutton talks, people listen

Why say it out loud when you can wave your hands?

Twins Peaks is a font for great sidebar weirdness.  You got your giant, Icelandic folks bouncing balls, the red room with jazz dances, and lots of bizarre dreams.  It's surprising that the show was on TV at all in some ways, but dang, it sure was different while it lasted.  Peak David Lynch that entwined funny, creepy and sexy - it drew the nation into a new kind of narrative.  I would venture it had one of the best ensemble casts of all time; Lynch always loved getting the whole gang into the act.  This particular clip struck me as particularly gif-worthy in some ways, since you don't need the sound to get the expression across.  However, with the sound on, it's more impressive telling the giant is voicing the "No", using the silence as a tool be more convincing of the dream-like state Lynch has caught us in.

Don't look away or the moment will be gone in an instance


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